There are lots of opportunities within Girlguiding outside of our weekly meetings...

international opportunities (intops)

When you are a Guide or Ranger aged 13+ you can choose to go to a selection day for the chance to represent our County on an international trip - it might be within Europe or the wider world!

When opportunities arise we will email the information to you (if you are the right age).

NAtional scout and guide orchestra

Find out more by having a look at their website.


As a Guide you can choose to become and Rainbow or Brownie Helper. That is where you go along to Rainbows or Brownies every week to help with their activities. Speak to the leaders if you would be interested in being a helper so that we can help you to find a group.

Young Leader

When you are 14 or older you can volunteer to be a Young Leader. As a Young Leader you help out at Rainbows or Brownies every week. You can even get a qualification. Find out about the qualification here